Tour the Ziemek Milling Center

At Ziemek Milling Center we have two design stations, including the new Lava ST Scan, which enables us to receive your case as a digital file if you are a Lava Design Center. If you are not a design center, you can simply send us the model, just as you do now. See our “Send Us a Case” section for all the details.


The ST Scan can also receive COS files (3M Chair side Oral Scanner) from dentists, and we can simultaneously produce a model while the core is being designed. This is being done right now by some of our doctors with great success.



We receive your model and scan it into the system.


The case is designed to your specs and milled.



The core is finished in its first stage, the “green state”.  At this point, the core is cut out of the block and the margins get an initial finish. Then it is stained to the desired shade, and sintered in the Lava Therm.

Notice how the size of the core in the green state is 15%-20% larger then after it has sintered.



Once the core cools, it is taken out of the Lava Therm, fit to the die, final finished to your specifications and shipped back to you.


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Technical information

Technical Information

Access 3M's website for Lava Technical information.

Before & After Gallery

Before & After

Some examples of our anterior restorations.

Send Us a Case

Send Us a Case

Send us your first case for free by printing our coupon. The free first case is limited to posterior single units only.